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Bethel Ministry has established 523 churches and 26 Fresh Water Bore Wells throughout Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir. Supported by Chosen Generation Radio Show and it’s host Pastor Greg YoungChosen Generation 4 India shares the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while feeding the poor at our weekly outreaches, caring for widows and orphans, training pastors in our bible school, teaching widows a trade skill in our sewing center, training up Pastors in our Bible school and providing rural communities with fresh water through our bore well program.

Saving Lives & Sharing The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ


$ Raised

Fresh Water Wells

Fresh Water Well #27

Dear Pastor Greg Young, Thank and Praise God that we have started doing another bore well with your prayers and support, people of the village were drinking the contaminated water which was causing sicknesses but now they will get pure and fresh water, all the people...

Thanksgiving Winter Clothes for Orphans 11-27-21

Dear Pastor Greg Young, Thank and Praise God that we had distributed the shoes and warm cloths to the orphans, poor and needy Children with your prayers and support, thanks for sharing the love of God with children and praying for them. All glory to God. We all are...

India On Fire for Jesus

Listen to "#GodChoseUs #!Peter2910 #IndiaOnFireforJesus @PastorGregCGR @realDonaldTrump @FRC" on Spreaker.

Preaching In India “The Just Shall Live by Faith” “Not ashamed of the Gospel” “Set Free From Sin and Death”

Listen to "Preaching In India "The Just Shall Live by Faith" "Not ashamed of the Gospel" "Set Free From Sin and Death"" on Spreaker.

Outreach Update 11-20-21

Message from Pastor Samuel: Dear Pastor Greg thank and Praise God that God used you to win 49 people for Christ and 21 people were healed from joint pain and legs pains and 5 sister were delivered from evil spirit and one person was healed from back bone pain...

Our Story

In January of 2019 Pastor Samuel Soni and I began to pray together about his ministry in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He had a Bible School, a Church, an Orphanage and about 45 churches he was overseeing. In April of that year he invited me to share my testimony about the car accident at a home meeting for Pastors. After sharing my testimony I prayed for the Pastors as the Holy Spirit led. Because at the time he was borrowing a laptop and having to rent a projector so I could be seen and my testimony shown the meetings would only happen once a month. During each meeting I would share my testimony and pray as the Holy Spirit led. In each case God would give me things to pray for and people were being healed. This caused a greater demand for the meetings. In one meeting I prayed for someone who was incarcerated to have the favor of Peter and John and be released. I did not know why I prayed this but, there was a woman there who was married to a Christian politician who had been jailed the Friday before our Sunday night meeting. She had come for prayer for her husband which I did not know because requests were not shared with me. Pastor Samuel did not know either. On Monday morning there was a knock at the door and when the woman opened the door her husband was standing there. They had been told he would not even receive a bail hearing for a year and yet, here he was free. At first she was so stunned she forgot about the prayer and thought he had escaped. When he told her that they had dropped the charges and set him free she remembered the prayer and told him about it. He then raced to find Pastor Samuel in order to share the testimony. Later he shared with all the Christian politicians who were so surprised to see him. This led to these Christian Politicians throughout Punjab to come and ask for a meeting. Realizing that we would need our own equipment and that the demand for meetings was rising we raised the funds and bought a laptop and a projector that we could travel with and hold these revival meetings.

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