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Chosen Generation 4 India shares the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while feeding the poor at our weekly outreaches, caring for widows and orphans, training pastors in our bible school, teaching widows a trade skill in our sewing center, training up Pastors in our Bible school and providing rural communities with fresh water through our bore well program.

Our Story

In January of 2019 Pastor Samuel Soni and I began to pray together about his ministry in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He had a Bible School, a Church, an Orphanage and about 45 churches he was overseeing. In April of that year he invited me to share my testimony about the car accident at a home meeting for Pastors. After sharing my testimony I prayed for the Pastors as the Holy Spirit led. Because at the time he was borrowing a laptop and having to rent a projector so I could be seen and my testimony shown the meetings would only happen once a month. READ MORE…

Saving Lives & Providing Fresh Water


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Latest News & Updates

Urgent Security Need for our Pastors in India

Dear Friends, We need to provide security for our 500 pastors, please help! These are reports from our Pastor in India. Dear Pastor Greg Young, Here are some updates of the situation of Punjab India at present. As you know that Sikhs are against Christians Churches...

Fresh Water Bore Well #32

Today we put in Fresh Water Bore Well #32 sponsored by StopHate.com and David and Cindy Sumrall. Pastor Greg said the prayer over the well and the community. Pastor Samuel and Pastor Thomas and members of the community and the Community Leader. If you would like to...

Dedicating Sewing Schools for Widows

Chosen Generation Radio Show Sewing Center for Young Widows whose husbands were murdered for their Christian Faith. This is our fifth class at our main campus, and we commissioned two Pastors to start two additional sewing centers in other parts of Punjab. These are...

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