Praise God Pastor g We thank and PrayGod that we had a very blessed and Power pastors Conference in Amritsar Punjab India, where all our pastors from all over Punjab came. God used Pastor Greg Young taught from Bible with His anointing and Power of God and prayed for all pastors they all were touched with a fresh anointing even many pastors were healed even some women pastors and evangelist. One pastor came lame in meeting God touched him and healed. 4 pastors were healed from sever fever. One pastor having eyesight problem God healed now his his eyesight i perfect. Two our evangelist sisters having back pains and now able to sit for long time, God touched them. One pastor wife has very Serve migraine pain since 8 years and got so many medicine God healed her. Many pastors believed God has had given spiritual gifts and all of them are so encouraged and faith has grown. Than pastor Greg Young together with all pastors specially prayed for Manipur Christians who have been persecuted, being killed, their houses are being burned, Women and girls are being raped, Church are burned That God would protect and comfort them, as well as prayed for the Punjab and people those are being affected with flood that God would protect them , comfort them for their loses and God provide them food, medicines and dry cloths. Thank you pastor Greg for your Regular prayers and Support for the ministry we are doing in India under your spiritual leadership. God bless all our Prayer Partners who have been giving sacrificially for the glory of Christ in India through Chosen Generation Radio Ministries We all are praying for you you God bless you Samuel