It was so blessed and powerful meeting today, all people were blessed by hearing your testimony and sharing from God’s Word. Thank and praise God that 61 people accepted Jesus Christ and 29 people were healed instantly. One man healed from Breathing problem instantly because he was having trouble of getting breathing in meeting itself when you prayed he got healed. Three sister were delivered from evil spirit while your praying to come the Fire of Holy Spirit. One sister healed from Ankles pain instantly, she was having this for 6 years and taking medicine but pain was always there right after your prayed she was healed. One man was healed from itching, whole body he was having problem of itching for 2 years, right after prayed his itching was stopped and he believed that all pimples will also disappear. Many more were healed all glory to God, it is our that God would use you more for His glory. Amen

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