Chosen Generation Radio Show Sewing Center for Young Widows whose husbands were murdered for their Christian Faith. This is our fifth class at our main campus, and we commissioned two Pastors to start two additional sewing centers in other parts of Punjab. These are four-month courses and at the end each student that completes the course and who agrees to start a business as a seamstress will receive a sewing machine as the seed to give them the tools necessary to begin. Also, we need Rickshaws which cost $450 US so we can start Taxi businesses in Punjab.

Message from Pastor Samuel in India:

Dear Pastor Greg Young,

Thank and Praise God that we had a blessed meeting with widows. Where you shared powerful and comfortable Words from Bible and prayed for all of them. Thank and Praise God that we had started three sewing Centers for the widows.

1. In Village Called Ajabwali where 7 sisters started learning
2. In Village called Devidaspura where 7 sisters started learning
3. In Amritsar City at our ministry base where 15 sisters started learning

All these centers are being supported and started only because pastor Greg Young support. We are so glad that Pastor Greg Young have overseeing the ministry and we all so blessed to have Pastor Greg Young as our spiritual leader, father and mentor.

We all are praying for you, family and Radio ministry.

If the Spirit of God leads you to donate for the India ministry, then you can directly contact Pastor Greg Young.

God bless you,

Pastor Samuel Soni