Pastor Greg Teaches and Exhorts the Pastors he oversees with a message to empower them and their congregations and change their communities. Too many Christians make the claim to be SINNERS, saved by Grace rather than to live as the set apart saved and sanctified sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Knowing their sins have truly been washed away and that they are now a new creation in Jesus Christ, carrying the Kingdom of Heaven and Christ in them.

Message from Pastor Samuel in India:

Dear Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministries family,

We thank and Praise God that today we had a blessed pastors conference where 129 pastors came in meeting and all pastors were so blessed where Pastor Greg Preached very anointed massage from Bible and broken hearts were healed and pastors received new and fresh anointing and many pastors were healed from Back and lower parts of body and one pastor from heart disease like heart beat was so fast right after pastor prayer his heart turn in normal and 9 pastors were healed from fever instantly. Three ladies pastor were healed from eyesight problems instantly and many more were healed.

After meeting all the pastors were supported financially to each pastor. We had a big issue in meeting because our projector broke up. We have to buy a new projector for that we need money so ministry would be continued.

We thank and Praise God for Pastor Greg Young who have been praying and supporting the India Ministries. We are so grateful to you pastor Greg for your Spiritual Leadership as our spiritual father and mentor.

We all are praying for, family, radio Ministries and all our sponsors who have giving sacrificially for the Ministries.

If the Spirit of God leads you to donate for the Ministries that Contact Directly Pastor Greg Young.

God bless you,