Dear Pastor Greg Young, we thank and Praise God that we have started one more bore well in a village called Aliwal khas with your prayers and support. In this village low caste people are living and they were getting hardly pure and fresh water. High caste people were not treating them properly. They were refused to get water from their homes therefore these low caste people were going far away to fetch the drinking water. These people are so happy and grateful to Pastor Greg Young, Chosen Generation Radio ministry and all who have sacrificially giving for Bore Well ministry in Punjab India. Today Saturday December 3rd in the morning we went in this village at 9am India Time and 9:30 PM USA time, pastor Greg Young could not come online on skype due to technical error, Pastor prayed on messenger call, it was so blessed
We all are praying for Pastor Greg Young, Chosen Generation Radio Ministry and all who have giving sacrificially for the ministry of India. If the Spirit of God leads you to donate for India ministry then directly contact our Spiritual father, mentor and overseer pastor Greg Young
God bless you all