Dear Friends,

We need to provide security for our 500 pastors, please help! These are reports from our Pastor in India.

Dear Pastor Greg Young,

Here are some updates of the situation of Punjab India at present. As you know that Sikhs are against Christians Churches and Pastors. There is pastor Called Sukhdev who was stabbed three times in his stomach and one on back of neck, God protected him and saved his life. He is still under treatment in Hospital. Keep praying for him and his small children and wife.

Still Sikhs are making evil plans to trap the pastors so that they can launch 5000 FIRs against pastors. Sime of Sikhs leaders are stirring up Sikhs youngsters that if any pastor comes in your village kill him.

Sikhs are saying that we will get the signature of 10 million people Punjab and give to Indian Government to pass the Anti conversation Bills.

They are saying we will not allow the Christian to have any open air meeting.

Please pray that God would bring harmony in both communities.

We all are praying for you, family, Radio Ministry and all our brothers and sisters who have been supporting the India Ministries sacrificially under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Greg Young.

God bless you,

Pastor Samuel

Dear Pastor Greg Young,

Here in Punjab all the Christians are going to be on strike tomorrow to get justice, we all Christians want that all the people who attacked the Churches and beaten up the pastors and Christians to be arrested, but some people from Sikh’s community gave a statement that we stop Christians to do strike, even they are saying we will not allow the pastors to enter in any village, we will beat them and kill them. please pray let there be peace in Punjab.

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